Hey guys! First off, here’s a couple of tumblr asks I’ve answered as promised!

Secondly, I’m sorry for the extended break. I didn’t mean to take so long to launch chapter 13, but it took me a little longer to plan than usual and on top of it I’ve accidentally been dealing with a vitamin d overdose/poisoning. The short version is, I completely lost two weeks being bedridden and unable to work on anything at all, but the good news is I am working on my buffer! I can’t make promises at this time as I’m still recovering and we’re also in the process of looking for a place to move into, but I would really like to get started with the next chapter before the end of the month. And well, if that doesn’t happen, I’ll see you in early June!

Thanks for your patience and reading Yokoka’s Quest! While I won’t be present at TCAF this year, there will be an ad for the comic in the festival guide so keep an eye out for it! Maybe take a picture. Maybe someone send me a copy… :3c