Hey guys!! We’re back- did you miss me? ;3

Just be glad THIS page wasn’t the one I left you on hehehe. Alright, but so!! No more breaks until the end of this chapter, I promise! If anything happens, I have a buffer to handle it and twitter/tumblr announcements can just wait a few hours till I’m available to announce them I think uwu~

This week off was majorly needed and appreciated though, so thanks everyone for being patient with me! I swear I’m not gonna make a habit of breaks like these, but marriage and two big moves back to back were kind of a big deal!

Oh, and if you’re waiting for the next part of Pouring, I would super appreciate if you didn’t leave snarky comments about how it’s still on hiatus. I’m doing my best, thanks for understanding! The lovely comments do keep me going though, so never apologize for those <3