I decided I’d be posting WIPs of that cast page I talked about to patreon, so if you’re not afraid of spoilers and would be interested even just a 1$/month pledge will let you see it~ https://www.patreon.com/clefdesoll

But oh hey, also… my wife and I are working on merch and stuff and we’d like to open a store next month or so (by then we’ll be moved in so we can actually properly set things up to ship out!) so far we have bookmarks, pins, postcards, prints and some older comics by Kikiine in book form.

We’ll be having TWO online stores technically, one for originals and one for fanart convention merch. Because oh boy I have 8 years worth of inventory and if you like pokemon you might find some stuff you’ll like~

Hope you all have a great friday, see you monday! We’re gonna get to see some action next week :3c