He’s just confused!! Poor bby.

Okay, alright, so. The anniversary event is officially over! Thank you everyone for participating, it was great! I’ll have another one of those next year of course; there’s also going to be something in the holidays (guest illustrations, as christmas/new years conveniently happen in a chapter break) and I’ll be trying something for april 1st. Now I know no one’s going to be fooled (especially since I’m announcing it) so I’m not going to do a page “pretending to be the real page but is a fake” because that ends up being confusing on a reread. I’m thinking more of a silly extra comic~ there’s still time though.

Also! The winners of the giveaway have been contacted, anddd… in case you haven’t noticed, this scene is pretty serious. Character poll results will be announced once it’s over! That gives me time to draw them too :3

See you all friday!!