Time to get this show back in motion ;3

During the break I’ve come to the decision that I shouldn’t work on any more pages past chapter 8 until we have a book kickstarter made. I’ll already have three books worth of material, so it’s already a lot of pages! Anyway, so we already started working on that on the side, asking printers quotes and stuff like that. I might make a poll to gauge interest in it in a while. Look forward to it!

The last stretch goal will be Yfa plushie production, something I’ve wanted to do and was highly requested since the early days of the comic! whether it’ll be a possible add on to the campaign or its own fresh new one depends on how successful I can anticipate being and how realistic it is to get that ball rolling~

I’ll see you monday with the first page of this chapter then!

PS: I’ve been doing some cleaning up on the main website. Notably, extras have been taken out of the comic and put into misc/extras page, and all comments edited + added alt text to allow for smoother binge reading!

ANDDDD here’s where you can grab a new batch of old Patreon rewards!