Here we are, results to the character popularity poll from the first anniversary event! I realized too late that 2 weeks wasn’t quite enough time, so I’ll make sure to have the event last longer next time~

In case you’re interested, here are the exact results;

1st place: Mao, Yfa (26 each, 25.7%)
3rd place: Yokoka (19, 18.8%)
4th place: Misha (9, 8.9%)
5th place: Yin, Azha (5 each, 5%)
7th place: Valyn (4, 4%)
8th place: Vivi (3, 3%)
9th place: Kalliv, Betelgeuse (2, 2%)

And the snake centipede got 2 votes in the extra section, and these two characters who haven’t shown up yet got a vote too!~ If you’ve followed my art outside of my comic you’ve probably seen them already :3c

Please remember to check your email inbox for an email from me if you’ve taken part of the giveaway (I’ll be resending them on friday if I don’t have responses by then!)

See you all on wednesday with a new page!