Hey guys!! So I don’t know how much attention anyone puts to these comments, but I’ve been warning on and off consistently since chapter 3 that a hiatus was coming, and it’s like a whole 6 months later than anticipated but HERE WE GO.

I’m getting married! So both Kikiine and I’s comics are going on a bit of a break so that we can prepare for this coming busy weeks;

> I’m going to be packing some things and moving from Montreal to California! A one way ticket I’ve been working for for 4 years.
> We’re getting married! No ceremony or anything too big as this visa process has been hellish on both our wallets and energy.
> Road trip to move out and settle out in our new place!
> Also we’re finally getting our cat back from the cat sitter (IT’S BEEN 20 MONTHS I MISS HIM SO MUCH)
> Anddd a break to finally go on dates and celebrate that this won’t be a long distance relationship and all that gushy shit.

As you can see, lots going on and I would rather focus on that! Plus we’ve been exhausted so we just really need a break less we both seriously burn out.

I’ll try my best to have the Q&A up when we come back and possibly more fun extra stuff, and then we dive into some fun action and more new characters and exposition! Stay tuned, and keep an eye out on my twitter for updates on how things are going.

Have a great time!! See you in April! <3