Hey there!! Sorry I’m late with this one, here’s the last piece of guest art by my lovely girlfriend Kikiine/Caroline! She had done something different at first but then changed her mind and went all out with this? gorgeous?? illustration instead?

Caroline draws a whole lot of cool stuff and comics so please check it all out if you haven’t yet! I’m probably biased, but they’re all excellent :3c
>>>>> https://tapastic.com/kikiine
>>>>> http://kikiine.com

Also make sure to check out the Q&A going on so you can ask me and the cast anything you can think of!
>>>>> http://goo.gl/forms/ftpFRd06dvlrSTmP2

And lastly- I was going to answer the Q&A before the chapter started, but as it turns out I was too ambitious and couldn’t make it. So instead, we’re going on break now and coming back in January with the actual chapter, and the answers will come a bit later once I’ve had a chance to draw them!

Thank you all so much for your patience and support, have a great end of the year and whatever holidays you celebrate! 😀