Oops, I have nothing special to say about this page. So I guess I’m gonna finally announce that I’m getting married soon :3c

You’ve probably known for a while if you follow me on twitter. Anyway! We’re still neck deep into the visa process, but once that’s over the comic will be going on hiatus so I can move to America, get married, and then go off on a cross country road trip move with my new wife!

I’m not sure when this will happen, but I’ll keep you all updated. There will be an official announcement about it once we get closer to then. The comic won’t be on hiatus too long, just about the length of a chapter break, but just enough so I don’t have to worry about updating while I’m too busy to work on anything and probably on the road with no wifi :3!

PS. If you don’t know who my fiancée is yet, she draws this really good comic called A Mirror’s Tale on tapastic so definitely check it out hehehe.