I should probably think of proper names for my original species but at the same time that’s mental effort I could spend on creating more, you know what I mean? so snake-centipedes it is.

IN OTHER NEWS… I’m working on a Cool Pitch. For Yokoka’s Quest. Because… well, I don’t know, I want to sit at the cool kids table. Last year I pitched to Hiveworks, but I’d never done a pitch before so it wasn’t the best it could be, but this time I’m early and I have an idea of what they want, so I’ll be working extra hard on it.

One thing I was particularly unhappy in my document last year was my main character portraits. So I decided to use my early time to do a Really Cool picture with all of them. All the characters. All 60 of them. Because I hate myself I guess. But hey, I drew all 151 gen 1 pokemon + trainer Red on the same picture in 14 days/72 hours before, so surely I can handle this too! *muscle emoji*