Anddddd we’re back!! Okay, so we haven’t actually moved into our new place yet (if you live in cali you probably know how hard it is to find an affordable place to live) but we DID find one, and I don’t really have a reason to keep not posting pages right now, so here we go!!

HEADS UP: There will be another very short break at the end of may so we can move in and get settled (and get wifi) but it won’t be more than a week for sure~

Okay but so I didn’t really take it easy while we were on hiatus (because I don’t know how to relax) but my to do list was piling up and I got to clear a LOT of it out so it felt really good not to worry about doing pages while I did that! My commission queue was looking particularly atrocious but now it’s all cleared up~ and of course we got married and I drew the Q&A answers and even got to work a bit on the oekaki’s design so overall I’m pretty satisfied with this break. I definitely needed it!

Now it’s back to working on comic pages and patreon rewards with nothing else very important weighing on my back! Oh, and if you’re a reader of A Mirror’s Tale and wonder if it’s coming back too, Kikiine is working on pages again and planning something for the anniversary on May 9th and it will be back then so keep an eye out ;3