I feel like I’m finally getting some energy back into me, which is a huge relief honestly! I always really hate low energy periods where I struggle to get work done, it’s a nightmare. It feels like I’ve been playing catch up with my to do list for like a year now :’I

Anyway, non comic but sorta comic related updates! I’ve set up a tip jar! I want to do an icon or something for it later, but if you enjoy the comic and want to add to my tea fuel funds, knock yourself out~ Patreon stuff is out of the way for the month, so I’m working on the Q&A and hopefully by the time this page goes live it’s all sketched and written out :3

Other than that, uhhh…. OH I want to work on a mini side project where the cast page stats will be on every page instead so it’s easier to monitor their health and level, especially if you’re catching up or just rereading so hope you’re all looking forward to that :3! No more constantly going back to the cast page to see what’s up, yay!

OH!!! LAST BUT NOT LEAST: It’s Yokoka and Mao’s birthday tomorrow! I don’t have anything special organized or anything, but you know! Of course that’s only their “birthday” if we pretend they’re on Earth, but when I wrote this story I wanted to have real dates that match our calendar so there you go. They’re an aries-pisces cusp, for the record :3c

Have a great day!