When I was sketching this page I wrote in the lyrics for “boulevard of broken dreams” on the last panel because I am a very serious artist.

Anddddd that’s it for chapter 2 guys! We’ll be going on a 2 weeks break as usual where I fix up chapter 3 and do things like edits, fix the cast page and draw a cover… Hopefully it’s only 2 weeks, but I’ll also be at Montreal Comic Con on the 8th so it might be a little longer. Gotta get ready for that and stuff. Come say hi!!

Also a bit of an early warning, but YQ is going to go on hiatus at some point during chapter 3! Hopefully not a really long one, but I’m planning to move from Canada to the states and need to be able to concentrate fully on that. I think it’ll be in September, possibly around YQ’s first anniversary- I’ll keep you all updated!

Have a nice day, see you in two weeks~ Chapter 3 is a nice change of pace and breather, you’ll see! Lots of new characters too :’> <3