Anddd yeah she’s still naked. Sorry. These pages were really awkward to work with haha… She gets clothes next week, promise!

Anyway so the other day I was looking at some YQ old art for patreon rewards next week (when said outfit is in there). So when I was a kid I liked to do all these profile things for my characters and Yokoka’s age is not the same on two of these… I found 14, 505, 500, 16 and 17 years old… and YET I was absolutely convinced that she was 18 years old. Huh.

In any case, I saw some people wanted to ship her with Yfa, and I’m totally cool with it but it was a little weird for me since she was 18 and Yfa is 12. I somehow didn’t anticipate this at all haha, oops. So now she’s 17! It’s a tiny difference, but now she’s not an adult with a kid, so you know.

You may now ship them to your heart’s content! /o/