WHOOSH!!! So yeah, Yfa’s wings have a lot of uses, magic-wise! :3c

In other news I’m thinking of adding everyone’s species on the cast page since I can’t think of a way in-story to make it clear. And I don’t mean which animal specifically, but more like… the “brand”? Let me just list the current cast, you’ll get it;

Yokoka: human/demon
Yfa: beast/spirit
Betelgeuse: beast
Mao: human/demon
Valyn: beast
Vivi: beast
Yin: spirit

some of these might change depending on if I want to have foreshadowing or not… hm. Anyway, more on that later. Chapter 3 finally lowkey introduces Cisum’s main species (the demon one)! Cisum in the planet they live on. Okay, enough chit-chat, just enjoy the page :’P