About the Comic

For as far as she can remember, Yokoka’s lived in the same old boring forest. It’s not that she’s lonely- she has a lot of siblings to play with- but she has dreams, a desire for adventure! What would happen, if she walked without stopping? How far could she go? What would she see?

Eyes filled with curiosity and excitement, she goes out in the unknown, a land filled with ferocious beasts and elemental magic, discovering things existing even beyond the limits of her imagination. What’s on the other side of the journey? We’ll just have to see when we get there!

About the Author

Hi I’m Chris, a chronically ill French Canadian content creator currently living in California with my wife and our two cats! I also happen to be the writer and artist of Yokoka’s Quest. Back in fall 2014 I decided I finally wanted to get serious about my life-long passion of comics, and am slowly working towards making it a reality to live off sharing my stories.

You can reach me at contact@yokokasquest.com and see my portfolio at clefdesoll.com!